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Just because your business is small doesn't mean that your laundry needs are. Aaxon offers a variety of durable, light commercial-grade washers and dryers for nursing homes, restaurants, motels, small inns, schools, fire departments, salons, spas, correctional facilities, athletic facilities and similarly sized businesses that require laundry services that are a cut above the rest.

We provide light commercial washers and dryers for on-premise facilities in the state of Florida, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, South America, Central America and other export markets. Browse our different markets and see why Huebsch® laundry equipment is your next choice your on-premise facility. 

Commercial Dryers

With features like extra-large capacity and a no-hassle lint filter, Huebsch commercial laundry dryers allow you to focus on your day-to-day operations instead of your laundry.

To learn more, view our product brochure: Commercial Dryers

 Light Commercial Dryer

Front Load Washers

Huebsch adds unmatched efficiency to industry-leading quality and durability with innovative energy-saving and water-reducing features.

To learn more, view our product brochure: Front Load Washers


Top Load Washers

The perfect combination of performance and efficiency, Huebsch commercial top load washers deliver unmatched results and are compliant with U.S. Department of Energy standards.

To learn more, view our product brochure: Top Load Washers

Light Commercial top load washer

Commercial Stack Washer/Dryers

Huebsch stack washer/dryers are easy to install and offer all the innovative features of standard machines while only taking up half of the floor space, adding flexibility to your laundry design.

To learn more, view our product brochure: Commercial Stack Washer/Dryer

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