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We are the preferred choice of property managers and real estate management companies. Aaxon serves thousands of locations, including apartments, residence halls, condominiums, cooperatives, hotels, motels, military installations, colleges, campgrounds, RV parks, senior citizen residences, truck stops and marinas.

Aaxon laundry rooms offer the utmost in convenience with leading-edge laundry amenities, sophisticated energy efficient washers and dryers, and highest quality service for you and your residents. Prompt, professional service is the cornerstone of our business. Any service call you place is routinely responded to within 24 hours.

Our solid reputation for service, ethical business practices, profitability, customer satisfaction and quality has resulted in our customers getting the MOST out of their laundry rooms.

"Aaxon's level of responsiveness and client service are exceptional. And they are a pleasure to work with.

The residents are incredibly happy with the new Speed Queen machines and loved the laundry party. I would recommend Aaxon to others."
- Yvon, Board Member, Somerset Condominium

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