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Service Alert

  • Washers and dryers featuring AaxonConnect - alerts our service team with real-time information on everything we need to know regarding your community laundry room operations.
  • Machines requiring service automatically notify our service team the cause of the malfunction.
  • Reduces downtime by automating the request for service process and ensures that your community laundry facility is operating at peak efficiency.

Remote Start Capabilities 

On the rare occasion when a resident is charged for a machine that doesn’t start, AaxonConnect provides our service team with the ability to remotely start a machine free of charge providing a real-time service solution for your residents.

Download the brochure here. 

"Aaxon's level of responsiveness and client service are exceptional. And they are a pleasure to work with.

The residents are incredibly happy with the new Speed Queen machines and loved the laundry party. I would recommend Aaxon to others."
- Yvon, Board Member, Somerset Condominium