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Maximized throughput and minimized costs. That's the name of the on-premise laundry game. At Aaxon, our on-premise commercial laundry equipment utilizes leading-edge technology and innovation to accelerate performance while reducing utilities and overall operating costs, helping fire departments, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, hotels, motels, restaurants, small inns, car washes, correctional facilities, spas, salon, athletic organizations and other on- premise laundry facilities, get laundry done faster and within budget. Browse our different markets and see why Huebsch® laundry equipment is your next choice for your on-premise laundry facility.

Softmount Washer Extractors

These commercial washers are built with the optimal combination of speed, strength and efficiency, while also offering low installation costs and flexibility in your laundry design.  

To learn more, view our product brochures: Washer-Extractors, Softmount 20-70 lb and Washer-Extractors, Softmount 90-125lb.

Softmount New

Flatwork Finishers

Our full line of easy-to-use, industrial ironing equipment and finishers is designed for unparalleled time, labor and energy savings in hotels, nursing homes, hospitals and on-premises laundries.

To learn more, view our product brochure: Roll Heated Flatwork Finishers


Top Load Washer- Multi Housing

Request a QuoteSpeed Queen's top load washer provides maximum energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. Defined by its simplicity and performance, our top load washer provides everything you need to get the job done and nothing you don't. Speed Queen's top load washer combines heavy-duty construction with reliable operation proven to stand the test of time.

To learn more, view our product brochure: Top Load Washer: Coin Slide and Top Load Washer: Quantum Gold- Prep for Coin or Card

Top Load Washer

Cabinet Washer Extractors

With revolutionary eBoost™ technology, Huebsch cabinet washer extractors feature 200 G-Force extraction speeds, reducing dry times and increasing throughput.

To learn more, view our product brochure: Cabinet Washer Extractors


Commercial Tumble Dryers

The name Huebsch® is synonymous with top performing commercial tumble dryers. By balancing airflow and heat input, Huebsch commercial tumble dryers deliver fast drying without wasting energy.

To learn more, view our product brochure: Huebsch Commercial Tumble Dryers, 25-45 lb OPL, Huebsch Commercial Tumble Dryers, 50-75 lb OPL, and Huebsch Commercial Tumble Dryers, HT Series, 120, 170, 200 lb OPL


Front Load Washer- Multi Housing

With revolutionary balancing technology, virtually imperceptible noise and vibration, incredible 440 G-Force extraction and a redesigned, 10-degree tilted control panel, Speed Queen front load washers are engineered and built to be everything you never knew they could be. Front load products have met every design standard to be 100% ADA compliant.

To learn more, view our product brochure: Front Load Washer: Quantum Gold Coin Drop- Prep for Card or Coin

Front Load Washer Multi Housing