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Life After Law Enforcement in Florida

Life after law enforcement in Florida means different things for different people. Law enforcement is not a job or career, it is a way of life. Learn why a business venture in the laundry industry may be right for you.

The training and experience you received in your many years of service as a police officer translates easily into many other career opportunities after you have hung up your badge.Those same skill sets that you learned on the force can easily be applied to many entrepreneurial opportunities.  Your excellent people and management skills can help to launch you into one of the most popular and profitable industries in the country.

The $5 billion annual Laundromat industry sales could effortlessly allow you to live a much more relaxed lifestyle while offering you an investment opportunity with a very high rate of return on your hard earned savings. Here is a look at an exciting job opportunity for officers who’ve served their time and are now looking for post law enforcement jobs.

The modern, state of the art coin laundry/laundromat offers its customers; comfort, entertainment, high tech computerized equipment in a comfortable, clean and friendly environment.  For the owner, it’s an opportunity to mingle with hundreds of repeat customers, manage few employees, and enjoy the income and benefits of an easy to operate business. These modern stores can be viewed by their owners at home on internet video cameras, as well as keeping a close eye on the daily operation of machines as well as counter sales.  The owners of these stores can either be active in the day to day operation or can take advantage of free time as well with well trained and responsible employees who take care of both the customers and the pleasant appearance of your business.  These benefits make it a very attractive investment to consider.

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Speed Queen Dryer with Quantum Controls

Every dryer is made to dry your clothes but only one is designed for optimal efficiency, convenience, and performance. Speed Queen’s dryer top of the line Quantum controls allow you customize each cycle to meet your exact needs saving time and delivering better results. Not only that but optimizing each load is unbelievable easy.

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