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The Benefits of Card-Operated Laundry Equipment in Miami Multi-Housing Properties

The common comparison, card-operated laundry equipment versus coin-operated laundry equipment- which is best for your Miami multi-housing laundry room? There is solid evidence why Smart Card operated laundry equipment is best in the multi-housing realm. Miami property managers and tenants alike can experience many pros of using cashless laundry equipment, including no more counting coins which in turn eliminates accounting stresses, reduces the risk of theft by eliminating cash-filled laundry rooms, and the best of all, property managers have access to choosing the most advanced laundry equipment for residents to enjoy.



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The Advantages of Leasing Commercial Laundry Equipment

As a multi-housing property manager or association president, you may ask yourself, “Should I lease or buy commercial laundry equipment for my laundry room?” There are many benefits of leasing laundry equipment for your apartment or condo community, including but not limited to access to the best machines without the budget restrictions of purchasing, free machine installation as well as expert maintenance services for the life of the lease.

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The Importance of Retooling your Laundry

If you are the owner of a laundromat, it is essential to retool your laundry when needed to keep customers satisfied and maintain a profitable laundry space. No one likes an “Out of Order” sign on a machine, it creates stress and distaste to the customer and will drive them elsewhere to do their laundry.

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