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In response to customer demand Aaxon continues to install smart-card systems into laundry room facilities.

Customers have clearly indicated a preference for coin-free laundry services and Aaxon’s smart-card technology brings a tremendous new level of convenience to them. Everyone knows the feeling of needing that special outfit clean for that special occasion and trying desperately to find enough loose change to wash it. Thankfully, this scenario is soon to be obsolete with the introduction of the new leading-edge laundry rooms. Property Owners, Managers, and Residents will enjoy the benefits of this remarkable new technology. smart-card electronic laundry room facilities have evolved significantly over conventional coin-operated facilities by eliminating cash and providing more security and ease of use.

"Aaxon has GREAT customer service and all the workers that are sent to our building have wonderfully professional attitudes. It is great to know Aaxon is working like a well-oiled machine."
- Elizabeth Pantoja, Administrative Assistant, Pompano Atlantis Condominium Association, Inc.

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