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Aaxon offers 2 types of cutting edge card payment and access systems – Smart-Card and Magnetic Stripe, both offering the most advanced technology on the market today.

Key Benefits of this remarkable technology:

  • Card system electronic laundries have evolved significantly over conventional coin-operated facilities by eliminating cash, providing more security and improving customer loyalty.
  • The card system's multi-level pricing enables you to increase profitability, while time-of day pricing helps your laundry increase turns during slow times, ultimately assisting you in better managing your laundry.
  • The card system's reader enables you to ease customers into vend increases by pennies eliminating sticker shock.
  • The card system's system software provides you with the ability to create a customer database to promote and maximize your laundries potential.

What is the difference between a Smart-Card and a Mag Stripe?

Smart-Cards carry all of their account information, card balance and account number, security algorithm and specific location code, right there on the card. Your customer's money is actually on the card. Transactions or vends are processed by the individual card reading devices on each machine. None of the readers are connected to a PC or central computer; they are, in fact, miniature computers themselves. Smart card systems require no hard wiring and are extremely reliable as they do not rely on a central PC to operate.

Magnetic Stripe Cards, like smart cards, carry information, but not quite the same way Smart Cards do. Mag-Stripe cards carry an account number along with a security code as well as a location code. They do not however carry the actual card balance. Each and every customer will carry a card which will indicate their account and any funds they have added to or subtracted from their account. That account is stored in a PC or central computer which all of the card reading devices and add value devices are wired to and must constantly communicate with. The mag system provides superior tracking and reporting of your entire store's income over the smart cards.

If you are considering a Card System, Aaxon's experts are available to assess your needs with a free survey!